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Need to send me encrypted email but don't have my public key?

$ gpg --locate-keys

I registered the website for my distro project: roflmaOS

I had to update my keys because my original yubikey was defective.

The replacement keys have working FIDO2 and ECC PGP key support :)

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Updated my GPG key. It has been updated in WKD.

public key has been updated, but it has only been uploaded to wkd and keybase, not the keyservers

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my mum just suggested (in a completely different conversation) that i start on YouTube...

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i had a great idea for a podcast
shall we try to make it a reality...?

i am supporting the panthers but my inner pirate is coming out for the bucs

i've written up a mostly complete draft of my pgp key certification process, for 'signing' other people's keys.

please read it, comment if you think it covers all the requirements for a strong verification, and if you want, try it out.

that's it. all over for another year

still on the road but the weather has taken a turn for the worst

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