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Updated my GPG key because it expired (today 😰)

Get or update it:
$ gpg --auto-key-locate clear,wkd,nodefault --locate-keys

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Looking for some tips about installing custom Operating Systems (particularly Gentoo) on a HP Chromebook 11 (G1)?

Need to send me encrypted email but don't have my public key?

$ gpg --locate-keys

Panasonic announces its first full-frame mirrorless cameras.

I'm still not ready to upgrade my GH4😓

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Spent a whole day in airplane mode with just WiFi📱

My personal website now points my mastodon link to here.

Expect incoming deluge~

hello world #newhere #introductions 

i'm but not new to the fediverse. moved instance for stability as my previous one was falling apart.

i do linux sysadmin, programming and other technical stuff.

my passions are photography and (watching) motorsport.


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