RT @YearOnEarth@twitter.com: The warm ocean can hold less dissolved gas than the cooler ocean. The sea's ability to draw down CO2 diminishes.
The oxygen levels drop. Anoxia sets in and huge swathes of the ocean become uninhabitable.
The seas are suffocating.

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RT @YearOnEarth@twitter.com: CO2 is released into the atmosphere faster than the system can compensate for. The atmosphere warms, warming the ocean. The ocean loses capacity to hold CO2 as it warms, causing a dramatic feedback loop.
Surface temps rise dramatically

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RT @YearOnEarth@twitter.com: Great Dying was the largest extinction event in Earthโ€™s history, eliminating most marine & terrestrial species. The culprit? The Siberian Traps, A HUGE igneous province erupted tons of lava & CO2, warmed the atmosphere & perturbed ocean chemistry
(@WilliamsCollege@twitter.com GEOS101)

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RT @lebrechts@twitter.com: CPUs are approximately free, energy is the limiting factor for what AI we can actually put on devices. If we donโ€™t solve for energy, AI wonโ€™t scale - @petewarden@twitter.com

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RT @RealTimeWWII@twitter.com: Japanese military scientists make fleas into infectious weapons by feeding them on Chinese prisoners deliberately infected with bubonic plague.

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RT @andrew_leach@twitter.com: Actually, no. Economists have said the pricing carbon is most cost-effective (i.e. offers lowest cost GHG emissions reductions). Effectiveness depends on stringency of chosen policy, not the policy tool. There is no necessary preference for pricing vs regulations on that scale. twitter.com/samori8/status/107

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Is there anything analogous to the Sustainable Development Goals more appropriate to developed economies - i.e., a well-curated list of areas for improvement in quality of life, opportunity, well-being, sustainability?

RT @mpesce@twitter.com: โ€œOne of the reasons Doug is poorly understoodโ€ says Alan Kay, โ€œis because heโ€™s a systems thinker. Itโ€™s thinking feedback loops and uses way ahead of everyone else.โ€

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RT @jewelia@twitter.com: โ€œDo you have any side projects?โ€

โ€œFor sure. Yesterday I spent several hours taking our car seat out the of car, meticulously cleaning a large amount of vomit out of it, then putting it back together.โ€

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RT @drvox@twitter.com: @mikejrob@twitter.com @Noahpinion@twitter.com @bradplumer@twitter.com @kmac@twitter.com This is what I think everyone's underestimating: new kinds of industries & practices that could evolve in synergy with a grid that is intermittently overproducing.

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RT @JeffreyHaren@twitter.com: This cell expresses a light controllable version of the regulator EB1. By projecting light patterns (Polygon 400, @mightexsystems@twitter.com) on the cell we can locally alter microtubule growth dynamics., , . nature.com/articles/s41556-017

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RT @atroyn@twitter.com: it's some part of me choosing both to look and what I'll see when I do, but I only "control" the looking part

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RT @atroyn@twitter.com: something like seeing a friend waving in your peripheral vision and turning to recognize them

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RT @atroyn@twitter.com: sometimes certain things impinge on my consciousness, that aren't quite dreams because I'm not asleep, and aren't ideas because there is no system by which I came upon them, but they are certainly created by choice

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RT @myrrlyn@twitter.com: engineers take ethics courses. I'm not saying that's a cure all but it's a start

silicon valley isn't populated by engineers

now THAT ๐Ÿ‘† is me being classist. twitter.com/patio11/status/107

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RT @jrdngonen@twitter.com: @natfriedman@twitter.com human history, the book:

"And every other page before page 500, transportation meant walking, running, sailboats. Page 500 weโ€™re going to the space station, weโ€™re flying around planes and cars. If youโ€™re the alien reading this book..."

- @waitbutwhy@twitter.com

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RT @PeterGleick@twitter.com: The ninth volume of The World's Water is available here in various forms from paper to electrons. It covers corporate water stewardship, water transfers, climate change, conflicts, the cost of water efficiency,and more.

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RT @avibryant@twitter.com: There is an insurmountable cultural gap between industries where professionals cavalierly say โ€œcall meโ€ without specifying a time, and normal people who spend 3 days going back and forth via email nailing down a mutually agreeable 15 minute time slot.

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RT @AlexSteffen@twitter.com: A huge low-carbon building boomโ€”providing dense, green housing near transit in every city with a housing shortageโ€”is so vital to just climate action that it must be the core strategy of any .

Demand reduction is an even greater climate priority than clean energy. twitter.com/AlexSteffen/status

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RT @gilbeaq@twitter.com: If you want a sign of where technology and business are heading, Xcel Energy and Maersk pledging to go carbon neutral by 2050 are notable. These are highly competitive actions

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