Police riot

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Has there been an official statement from @kcpolice@twitter.com to explain/defend/condemn what occurs in this video?

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"a lot of software seems to exist primarily because companies have hired people to write and maintain them. In some ways, the software serves not the business, but the people who have written it, and then those who need to maintain it." themargins.substack.com/p/soft

As I’m always saying

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Hot tip: If you're bounding a quantity in [0,1] by a real p>1, then you can improve your bound by replacing it by (1-A)+A*p, for any A in [0,1]. (I recommend A=0.) In particular, there is no meaningful comparison of bounds---as numeric bounds---if they are both greater than 1.

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It's weird how some tools and ideas are so over-explained and some so enduringly mysterious. I've wondered about this w/r/t dynamodb for quite a while. It's so powerful - so empower*ing* - and yet you have to fight like heck to figure out how to properly use it.

"Areas in the United States that do not adhere to any social distancing policies face 35 times more cases of the novel coronavirus, according to a study published Thursday in a peer-reviewed health-care journal." washingtonpost.com/nation/2020

tfw you join a new team and find out they've picked the correct AWS region

I.e., any model worth its salt would need to include itself in its structure! And in a highly non-linear, game-theoretic fashion to boot. Which I find...pretty wild.

This to me is clear evidence that an epidemic occurring in today's tech and media environment is a New Thing.

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This edition of @ASlavitt@twitter.com's daily thread solidified something for me: the most fascinating and confounding aspect of Covid19 is the crazy tight coupling between information and physical reality. The results of a predictive model can become a *primary driver* of subsequent events!

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IHME’s 60,000 declaration was a bomb let off by the White House. It sent a clear message— this virus is overblown hype. We got this. 60,000 is a number Americans can “tolerate.” It sounds vaguely like a bad flu. 5/

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Earnest-sounding voice actors making a g.d. killing right now

Early contender for understatement of the decade.

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"We need to rework our cost-benefit analysis when it comes to producing in China" @AgathaKratz@twitter.com tells @BertelsmannFdn@twitter.com webinar

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Day 42: Hey, we have a Dremel!!! And so many bits! What are they all good for? Let’s find out!

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