I feel seen.

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One thing I like about working from home is that you can cry in your office instead of the bathroom

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Employees at Facebook read Ready Player One and decided to make the Oasis.

Facebook to create VR world called Horizon bbc.com/news/technology-498517

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Mind blowing one dimensional chess from our president today.

I believe the world of 2030 will be far, far more different from now than today is from 2010.

Something I’ve learned: never trust my initial emotional response to challenging feedback. It comes from the little kid inside me who can’t stand to disappoint a grownup.

Can we ban the word “slathered”? Just get rid of it. Don’t look back.

Linear modeling and thinking got us here, and it will keep us here if we let it.

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You know those estimates we economists produce of the damages caused by climate change? They don’t include the costs of more global conflicts. We can’t figure out how to credibly put them in monetary terms so we pretend they’re zero. Our bad. twitter.com/revkin/status/1173

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This is the program I've been working hard on the last few months. We're looking for volunteers with data science, AI, and related skillsets for our one-day event in early October 6. It's virtual! You can be a data hero from anywhere! Check it out!

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We’ve teamed up with @MSFTIssues@twitter.com to use yet again! We’ve launched an “AI Accelerator” where we’re providing pro bono expertise & assistance to a cohort of orgs seeking to apply to societal challenges in urban communities. Read more here: bit.ly/2lxG643

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I found it! I found the climate startup from this @ycombinator@twitter.com batch! projectwren.com/

No climate-related startups in YC demo day 1. Nothing even in the neighborhood.

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All 84 startups from Y Combinator’s S19 Demo Day 1: techcrunch.com/2019/08/19/all-

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I'm not saying it's a perfect method - far from. But I do think it provides some level of burnout-resistance.

And I'm curious what other mechanisms we might to use to withstand more exposure to the emotional radiation of this thing.

My climate crisis superpower: being a reasonably compassionate and sensitive person who nevertheless disassociates when things get gnarly (thanks goldilocks-level childhood trauma!). So I stay engaged most of the time, and withdraw into my safety shell as needed.

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