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Stanford published a paper on gg, a framework and a set of command-line tools that helps people execute everyday applications (like compiling SW) using thousands of parallel threads on to achieve near-interactive completion times. Wow! 🚀🤯


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No matter how exquisite the tools for building individual tech artifacts, if output not trivially composable w/ other artifacts, you've lost

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ugh i gotta stop thinking about trump and politics and get back to work.


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“It’s a pretty short leap from ‘We don’t want homeless people living here’ to ‘We don’t want immigrants or refugees’” Lewis said. “I’ve seen lifelong hippies who drive EVs stand up at these meetings and say ‘Theres too many people here already’ It’s like you’re at a Trump rally.”

‘Republicans shouldn’t be feared, they should be beaten. Ocasio-Cortez told me that she treats Republicans like buffoons because that’s how they’ve behaved for as long as she can remember. “They’ve been clowns since I was a teen,” she said.’

This article drives me UP THE WALL. I'll try to articulate why in the newsletter later this week, but for now it's pretty inchoate rage. theguardian.com/science/2019/j

Interesting: driving turnout down is a brittle strategy. One analogy is to leveraged debt: small absolute swings have big effects.

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The NY political establishment is facing its comeuppance for rigging the system to have low turnout. As with @AOC@twitter.com, Caban shows that can be weaponized in insurgents’ favor.

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@washingtonpost@twitter.com "Martínez and Valeria were met by twin disasters: fast-moving waters and an asylum system unprepared for the crush of Central Americans fleeing crime and poverty."

That's right, the "unprepared" asylum system and the river water both just lay in their path. What is there to do?

"Child care was not the forte of U.S. Customs and Border Protection"

Fuck right off with this understatement, @washingtonpost@twitter.com.


Here’s the thing: Even if these troglodytes *did* “believe in” the same set of facts we do re the crisis, that wouldn’t make them want to act any different. They just want their tribe - sect, gender, family, mafia - to remain on top as things get wack. This works great for them.

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Vice President Mike Pence refuses to say whether the climate crisis is a threat, when asked repeatedly by CNN’s Jake Tapper. cnn.it/2J3hYy7

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“some of the new [state-level, exclusively blue state] climate policies are striving to be much more far-reaching, affecting so many different industries that they could reshape the geography of America’s economy.”

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Blue states are adopting strong policies that benefit their states broadly, while red states lag, threatening to cement an economic, social, and political divide for years to come. Great reporting @bradplumer@twitter.com. @leahstokes@twitter.com @BarryRabe@twitter.com nytimes.com/2019/06/21/climate

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Week 3 (of 551!!) of the All Hands newsletter is out.

The goal is to weave together strands of the climate crisis in a way that is both realistic and (eventually) accessible rather than paralyzing.


This @TedNordhaus@twitter.com piece is so helpful in clarifying some of the glaring-but-elusive contradictions in climate politics. I weight some things very differently than he, but the framing is 🙏🏻😻 h/t @gutelius@twitter.com

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