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A CNN source also said their network must grapple with Sanders’ frontrunner status, stating their belief that “the establishment at CNN doesn’t want Sanders to win.”

A CNN spokesperson disputed this, saying Sanders vs. Trump would actually be an excellent story to cover.

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This one draws heavily from some of my favorite thinkers on here, including @AlexSteffen@twitter.com, @JacquelynGill@twitter.com, and @JesseJenkins@twitter.com

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New post: It's not game over, it's game on

Giving up on the climate crisis is irresponsible and unethical, because every tenth of a degree matters

I mean, if Michael Jordan says so...

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Michael Jordan: “We have no clue how the brain does computation...It is a hundreds-of-years task.”

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"The environmental impact of seemingly insignificant voluntary actions is far greater than most realize
1. They have the power to shift how the people around us behave
2. They change who we are, making us more likely to support large-scale policies needed"

The irony of deep adaptation may end up being that, in asking people to make a full reckoning with the climate crisis, it incorporates only a small fraction of what make human society so adaptive and hardy. The stoics are the ones with their heads buried in the sand. 10/10

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What is desperately needed is a program that fills some of the same emotional needs - i.e., reclaiming some semblance of control - through means that produce effective action rather than surrender. Such a program would be based on a more complete analysis!! 9/10

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But setting up an impossible situation - doomed if we try, but we probably won't anyway so there - ignores a key point: the value of climate action lies not only in its direct impact on CO2, but also its indirect effects on subsequent actions. Seeing others act is powerful! 8/10

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So first he equates clear-eyed recognition of the severity of the problem with the inevitability of a dire (& poorly-defined) outcome; but then he dismisses the actions that people are taking as mere tokens of denial! 7/10

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What counts as "activities that do not arise from a full assessment of the situation"? Apparently most things people do, and they're childishly insufficient by his read. Expressions of "personal virtue", as Dick Cheney put it. 6/10

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Bendell's argument, such as it is, is utterly insufficient to justify this level of resignation. But it gets worse, because in his view if we are "busying ourselves on activities that do not arise from a full assessment of the situation, then that is 'implicative denial'" 5/10

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Whoa if true, rite? But Bendell does not offer a strong argument & jumps to "We might pray for time. But the evidence before us suggests that we are set for disruptive and uncontrollable levels of climate change, bringing starvation, destruction, migration, disease and war." 4/10

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The problem is that Deep Adaptation equates such a reckoning with the truth of our situation (necessary!) with an acceptance of the inevitability of near-term societal collapse (wrong!) 3/10

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The attraction of the DA interpretation lies in the fact that it does indeed offer one of the few psychological paths toward spiritual reckoning with the distressing facts of our situation - and not enough of this reckoning is happening in public view!! 2/10

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DA says: "because widespread and near term societal collapse is likely, inevitable or unfolding, we should begin to prepare emotionally and practically." and "take a time to step back...to allow yourself to grieve, and to overcome enough of the typical fears we all have" 1/10

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Deep adaptation - the idea that climate-driven societal collapse is inevitable and we should concentrate on preparing for it - is the thinking person's climate despair. But it's not well founded.

THREAD summarizing a new post to this effect 👇🏻 0/10


New post: The False Refuge of Deep Adaptation

Deep adaptation offers a trade: give over your anxious uncertainty, and receive predictable despair. But it is built on a weak foundation, and we should reject it.


"There is no threshold that means that it is 'too late' or that we are 'doomed.' The lower, the better. It is always worth fighting."


The fear of engaging with the climate crisis, the fear of the unknown and what it would mean to accept that reality, is worse than the fear we experience when actually doing the work. The only thing we have to fear, and all that. 6/6

Happy Friday!!

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