What would a more enlightened and progressive version of the prepper culture and mindset look like? I.e., taking responsibility for your own safety AND extending the circle of wellbeing to others? Community resilience and recovery, not just individual survival.

What would a maximally resilient, unflinchingly modern lifestyle look like? One in which all the basics were ensured, but which eschewed back-to-land nostalgia, anti-tech, and all of the other baggage?

@bdunbar ah, super interesting connection. do you have any resources you could point me to that would help give a flavor of how that works?

@beau I don't have much more than you can get searching google. I'm aware that it is a church requirement to keep supplies on hand for one year for each member of the household.

If one does not have storage for such, the local church can hold the goods - I'm not certain if they hold specific goods for a family or a store of food they draw upon.


Try this to start.

I'm Catholic - if there is one thing I admire about LDS it's how tight knit their communities can be, and how resilient such a community of believers would be in the event of a disaster.

Imagine 5,000 people in a small town who don't need to be cared *for* but can start helping others the day after disaster without worrying about their next meal.

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