"The exigencies of large-scale technocratic action to rapidly build the infrastructure of a low carbon economy cannot be easily reconciled with the communitarian, small-is-beautiful, localism that has defined contemporary environmental thought" issues.org/the-empty-radicalis

"The result is a radicalism that attacks the technofix while simultaneously demanding 100% renewable energy and rejects technocracy while demanding technocratic solutions of unprecedented speed and scale."

"It insists that capitalism and technology are the problem, when practically, after the sloganeering and rhetorical flourishes are done, what most environmentalists, including radical greens, are basically demanding is capitalism with carbon regulations and lots of windmills."

"the proliferation of values, identities, and ideologies that modernization brings simply can’t support the level of social solidarity or consensus that planning and coordination of infrastructure and development at national—much less global—scale requires."

"The shale gas revolution and Uber are more likely models for energy system transformation. [They] are potent examples because both were already well on their way to transforming global energy markets nd urban mobility respectively before most people understood what was going on"

"technological change will likely continue to prove more easily seeded and sustained than political change..the new “facts on the ground” that it creates that will make political and institutional evolution possible."


"technological change itself will be experienced as exogenous, and the very nature of the demands for intervention will reinforce our experience of technological change as something separate and apart from politics."

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