For those who want to skip ahead: The House will impeach by the end of the year because what he did warrants it. The Senate will hold a trial in January but not convict, regardless of evidence, because he has absolute control of his party.
And then we will move on.


I'll play!

For those who want to skip ahead: Young people will make noise, because they are terrified. The world will continue to burn fossil fuels, because the companies involved have absolute control of our political system.
And then we will move on.

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Like, move on to what? Is the idea that this is just another inside-the-Beltway kerfuffle? That the Senate trial itself won't have significant impact?

Who.the.fuck. is moving on?

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Honestly, it's the first and last sentences that 🤯

"those who want to skip ahead" => everyone who sees value or potential in the process is a naif who can't see where this is going

"then we will move on" => those with no skin in the game will get bored

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