RT @JeffreyHaren@twitter.com: This cell expresses a light controllable version of the regulator EB1. By projecting light patterns (Polygon 400, @mightexsystems@twitter.com) on the cell we can locally alter microtubule growth dynamics., , . nature.com/articles/s41556-017

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RT @jrdngonen@twitter.com: @natfriedman@twitter.com human history, the book:

"And every other page before page 500, transportation meant walking, running, sailboats. Page 500 we’re going to the space station, we’re flying around planes and cars. If you’re the alien reading this book..."

- @waitbutwhy@twitter.com

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RT @theresphysics@twitter.com For those who argue that RCP8.5 is impossible, here is a figure showing how cumulative emissions by 2100 change with the year in which emissions start reducing (assuming a 3% per year reduction after that year).

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RT @OmarNajam@twitter.com: I replaced the Amazon can you feel it commercial music with the theme from Winter Soldier

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RT @jackiehluo@twitter.com: ugh @Ocasio2018@twitter.com’s instagram story makes me so happy and it feels silly but it’s really so huge and perspective-shifting to see someone clearly like me in many ways representing us in national politics

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RT @gordonbrander@twitter.com: The story of the 21st c is about new networks cutting through formerly self-enclosed spaces. Network vs territory... Sketching to think.

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RT @refikanadol@twitter.com: Exploring new data painting ideas with GANs and Optical Flow.

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RT @hautepop@twitter.com: β€œThe brain remembers what it was like to have a tail.”

Jaron Lanier

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RT @drewconway@twitter.com: This is a very good questions posed by @polina_marinova@twitter.com this morning. Tech journalists should ask all of those founders to comment.

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RT @chrisconnolly@twitter.com: Portrait mode failing in the most fascinating ways

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RT @emollick@twitter.com: In a time of disasters it is worth thinking about the fact that, in these post-apocalyptic settings, people actually help each other more, rather than falling into the dog-eat-dog world of dystopian novels. See the amazing passage below and unrelated link. tor.com/2018/11/14/what-really

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The caravan is, in large part, climate-driven migration β€” just the start.

It's right there in the last IPCC report. Along with increased wildfires up here.


RT @kimmaicutler@twitter.com: Every time a boomer homeowner sitting on $1M+ in equity while paying property tax rates from decades ago says millennials can live elsewhere, they’re effectively pushing them to states where the built environment will 2-3X their carbon emissions per capita eia.gov/environment/emissions/

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RT @TrevorGHouser@twitter.com: Here is a population-weighted air pollution index covering all 40 million people in the state. The average amount of PM2.5 Californian's are breathing has risen by 550% since the beginning of the month.

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RT @Kaikenhuippu@twitter.com: @Robert_Sarcevic@twitter.com Here is the total spent fuel for the 40+ years operation of the Swiss nuclear fleet. There is a man walking there, alive. The waste is not going anywhere, is harming no-one. We need to stop the hysteria on energy & waste and get on with stopping climate change with it.

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RT @TrevorGHouser@twitter.com: We're starting to track daily population-weighted air pollution exposure from the California wildfires. Roughly 3 million kids have spent the past week breathing air that exceeds EPA daily limits. 2.7 million kids spent yesterday breathing air more than 3x those limits.

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RT @lorimcneeartist@twitter.com: Insane footage of the California fires. πŸŽ₯ via @abc7la@twitter.com

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RT @iamtrask@twitter.com: Deep Learning exploded when open tools made it *easy*

I'm extremely excited to share our new @NipsConference@twitter.com paper feat:

- Federated Learning
- Differential Privacy
- Encrypted Data/Models

made... *easy* πŸ₯³

Paper: arxiv.org/pdf/1811.04017.pdf
Code: github.com/OpenMined/PySyft

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