Feels like a turning point to have a camera on my phone that can capture this light without breaking a sweat. All without any fiddling on my part - just the camera being smart

Protecting my kids and equipping them for life - those are my #1 goals. So I’m not spending any energy preparing them to navigate and thrive in the world we see around us today.

iPhone 12, point and shoot, no manual processing or filter. This shot woulda ended been challenging for a pro with great equipment, even a few years ago.

For my money the roaring 20s reference is his weirdest tweet moment ever. Pic unrelated.

‘A billion dollars is “systems” money’ 🎯

RT @bobbyhundreds@twitter.com

This by @AOC@twitter.com.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/bobbyhundreds/stat

This effing Danish mask study.

I haven't heard it said, even once, that wearing a cloth mask in public is intended to protect the *wearer*. It's for those around you, you selfish dipshits. And the study doesn't mince words about this, ffs.

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