I've been thinking about expanded, prosocial versions of preparedness and resilience. Initial thoughts:

- Go beyond mere survival to comfort and civic life
- Include robust power and data/telecomms in the planning
- Incorporate mutual aid and community, not just the household

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We’ve teamed up with @MSFTIssues@twitter.com to use yet again! We’ve launched an “AI Accelerator” where we’re providing pro bono expertise & assistance to a cohort of orgs seeking to apply to societal challenges in urban communities. Read more here: bit.ly/2lxG643

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This is the equivalent of an atomic bomb being tested in the desert. Hiroshima could come during the 2020 election.

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Oh man. Just watch. (h/t @gavinsblog@twitter.com)

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I want @stochastician@twitter.com’s take.

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Stanford published a paper on gg, a framework and a set of command-line tools that helps people execute everyday applications (like compiling SW) using thousands of parallel threads on to achieve near-interactive completion times. Wow! 🚀🤯


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‘Republicans shouldn’t be feared, they should be beaten. Ocasio-Cortez told me that she treats Republicans like buffoons because that’s how they’ve behaved for as long as she can remember. “They’ve been clowns since I was a teen,” she said.’

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Vice President Mike Pence refuses to say whether the climate crisis is a threat, when asked repeatedly by CNN’s Jake Tapper. cnn.it/2J3hYy7

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We’re excited about our funding and the new opportunities to grow Novi and our AI-driven well economics platform. A big thank you to Cottonwood Venture Partners and Bill Wood Ventures. Read press release: prweb.com/releases/novi_raises

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“One of the best ways to seed agnotology [deliberately manufactured ignorance] is to make sure that doubtful and conspiratorial content is easier to reach than scientific material.”

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"Agnotology and Epistemological Fragmentation" is the talk that I gave at (aka lots of awesome librarian types). It focuses on the destabilization of knowledge: buff.ly/2ZDn0Jl

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1 The statistical problem is only a proxy
2 Nature does not shuffle the examples. We shouldn't
3 Invariance across environments buys extrapolation powers
4 Invariance across environments is related to causation
5 Invariant representations enable invariance

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Great insights on learning from Leon Bottou

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A++++ glitch. Would trip again.

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First attempt at removing cars off the roads with neural nets. Will have to dream harder.

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New pre-print on 'Evolving super stimuli for real neurons using deep generative networks'. With @HombreCerebro@twitter.com, @WillXiao1@twitter.com, @Till_S_Hartmann@twitter.com, @gkreiman@twitter.com, and @mlivingstonehms@twitter.com

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