We are capable of managing feedback loops with delays longer than our perceptual window, but it requires cultural support, practice, or institutional prostheses. With Covid we have none of these. esquire.com/news-politics/a340

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.@nils_gilman@twitter.com and a bipartisan group of participants ran "wargames" playing out various electoral outcomes. "The results were pretty intense," he says, predicting "severe electoral contestation" in all outcomes except for a Biden landslide in November. bit.ly/2DwHRHq

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There are plenty of good words to describe this kind of thinking, but “politics” is not one of them. Fucking murderers.

Police riot

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Has there been an official statement from @kcpolice@twitter.com to explain/defend/condemn what occurs in this video?

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tfw you join a new team and find out they've picked the correct AWS region


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Number of people facing acute hunger could nearly double to 265 million due to pandemic, UN World Food Programme warns bbc.in/34TT0M8

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