Police riot

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Has there been an official statement from @kcpolice@twitter.com to explain/defend/condemn what occurs in this video?

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tfw you join a new team and find out they've picked the correct AWS region


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Number of people facing acute hunger could nearly double to 265 million due to pandemic, UN World Food Programme warns bbc.in/34TT0M8

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“to work on planet-wide problems, we must become planetary thinkers. We must learn how to be humans aware of our natures, our Earthly context and the systems which make up the planet of which we are a part.”

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I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what it means to think at a planetary scale.

This 2011 piece was my best attempt at articulating what planetary thinking could be.


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First pedicure of the lockdown. Surprised it took this long tbh.

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So I made a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) over the past week in my spare time during self isolation. It was mainly to see if I could do it and ended up learning some cool new skills!

Here's a thread of the steps in designing & building this thing, with pics! (1/11)

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Can’t wait to see the culture that comes out of people cooped up like this. (pic unrelated)


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A CNN source also said their network must grapple with Sanders’ frontrunner status, stating their belief that “the establishment at CNN doesn’t want Sanders to win.”

A CNN spokesperson disputed this, saying Sanders vs. Trump would actually be an excellent story to cover.

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