One of these decades I'm going to figure out how IAM works. Crossing fingers it's not the 2020s.

I don't care what the question is. Sun-dried tomatoes are never the answer.

How do the brands decide which one gets Morgan Freeman voiceover for their response ad to a Very Serious Event? Ro sham bo? Competitive fruit baskets? Wheel spinning? Are there penalties for doubling up on him?

hot take: sophisticated serverless compute solutions are being developed more slowly than they could/should because managing clusters is so many SWEs' job. So much software developed and used because there are people who are paid to run it.

As someone who does not (visibly) rage against the machine, this post is easily the most eye-opening and provoking thing I have read about the current unrest.

Police riot


Has there been an official statement from to explain/defend/condemn what occurs in this video?


"a lot of software seems to exist primarily because companies have hired people to write and maintain them. In some ways, the software serves not the business, but the people who have written it, and then those who need to maintain it."

As I’m always saying


Hot tip: If you're bounding a quantity in [0,1] by a real p>1, then you can improve your bound by replacing it by (1-A)+A*p, for any A in [0,1]. (I recommend A=0.) In particular, there is no meaningful comparison of bounds---as numeric bounds---if they are both greater than 1.


It's weird how some tools and ideas are so over-explained and some so enduringly mysterious. I've wondered about this w/r/t dynamodb for quite a while. It's so powerful - so empower*ing* - and yet you have to fight like heck to figure out how to properly use it.

"Areas in the United States that do not adhere to any social distancing policies face 35 times more cases of the novel coronavirus, according to a study published Thursday in a peer-reviewed health-care journal."

tfw you join a new team and find out they've picked the correct AWS region

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