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According to Reddit, people in Philadelphia are getting this flyer put in their mailboxes all over town

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"One of our most challenging organizational problems is how to balance the financial needs of information channels and the integrity of the information and relationships the channels represent."


I know it's no secret and has been widely reported, but I don't think American politics has anywhere near absorbed the fact that the NRA - an organization responsible for thousands of deaths every year - is a Russian asset.

“You’d have to be quite courageous to invest in coal at this point,” said Navroz Dubash of New Delhi’s Centre for Policy Research. “The speed with which the story has reversed is quite astonishing.”


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We’re hiring a research developer to work with @impact_lab@twitter.com. Details here: rhg.com/job/climate-impact-res

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But the American people can't win a battle they don't know they're fighting against an enemy they don't understand exists.

That's why these two strategic messages—victory is winning huge comprehensive policy gains & the fight is against human nature—are repeated so often.


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And the fundamental victory here is not cutting emissions, it's defeating the Carbon Lobby.

In America, comprehensive climate policy will come as a follow-on effect of winning that political fight, not as the means to winning it. This is especially true at the Federal level


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I got the mini GPT-2 model set up, and this was its very first prompt response, so.

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Recent research in entrepreneurship has been disproving a lot of myths about founders. For example, can you guess the average age of founders of hypergrowth startup companies?

It’s 45. Also, average age for receiving VC is 42. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf

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The mirrorworld is coming. Big scans, indoors & out, watch the real-time mini-map emerge. @kevin2kelly@twitter.com @6d_ai@twitter.com

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Well, we finally know what life in a national emergency feels like.

"The lesson for US climate policy is clear: The biggest impact we can have is by driving down the cost of technologies that reduce carbon emissions, to the point that clean technologies are cheapest...and then spreading those technologies to the world."

"In just the past decade, solar power has gone from being uneconomical anywhere on earth without subsidies, to being cheaper than any fossil fuel electricity in the sunniest parts of the world."

Why don't pharma advances diffuse in the same way?

"By scaling the clean energy industries, Germany lowered the price of solar and wind for everyone, worldwide, forever."


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All of them. Was listening to a good @TheEnergyGang@twitter.com episode on Green New Deal, and @JigarShahDC@twitter.com is right: @AOC@twitter.com is the de facto leader of the Democratic party right now by the one metric that really matters, driving the agenda and conversation. twitter.com/bradplumer/status/

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One of the reasons Agency is late is that it's become a sequel to The Peripheral. twitter.com/jmaustin/status/10

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8. Depending on one’s assumptions, the US has as much as $16-80 trillion in climate liabilities. No one can enforce this without force or US consent. Still, these numbers reveal a moral imperative to take a leading role twitter.com/gilbeaq/status/109

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