Please and thank you


If only more ppl were ashamed of their Boston roots


‘towns that let pandemic politics drive medical professionals away are choosing what he calls "toxic individualism" over the common good.’

Recently started 3d printing in nylon and holy crap this stuff is amazing! Stupid tough.

Good I hope that’s what it is


That sensation you are feeling may be declining confidence in a once dominant paradigm. And – this is important – you may not be the only one feeling it.


When I was a kid it never occurred to me that the grownups weren't EVERY BIT AS EXCITED as I was.

You’re either normal, or you’re someone who trips out in the fractal structure of trees in winter

I hate the word “miracle”, in both its religious and secular sense. Fucking disempowering shite.

Seriously impressed with cardboard finding technology for packaging. Who is responsible for that?

Feels like a turning point to have a camera on my phone that can capture this light without breaking a sweat. All without any fiddling on my part - just the camera being smart

I don’t even understand the theory of the pillows on our bed.

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