Cool job alert: We are hiring a Lead Platform Engineer at We use machine learning and modern cloud technology to make the electric grid cleaner and more resilient. And our business team is (at least) as good as our engineering. RTs 🙏🏻

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I've been waiting for exactly this article for years: county-level projections of climate impacts by scenario. As a bonus, it's beautifully presented.

Now that we've seen today's impacts with our own eyes, maybe we're ready to imagine the coming decades?

Really good.


If you missed my talk "What can you do with Lambda in 2020?" this morning, you can find the slides here.



We are capable of managing feedback loops with delays longer than our perceptual window, but it requires cultural support, practice, or institutional prostheses. With Covid we have none of these.

Climate change is making it hard for me to focus on fighting climate change.



New analysis on Covid spread triggered by Sturgis event and implicated in the current epidemic in South Dakota. The estimates in this paper, if confirmed, would place Sturgis as the largest studied super spreading event in U.S.


Memo to 2016 me: you are not insane.


Investors in Magic Leap have marked down their shares by 93% after the company laid off hundreds of employees and got a new CEO. Implied valuation is now $450 million. Was $6.4 billion last year. A bigger drop than WeWork, reports


Admittedly I'm better at coming up with ideas than following through, but I'm tempted to at least mock this up in order to see how much I believe it.

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I think that - at least conceptually - I have a conceptual design for how to improve development and maintenance velocity for cloud native programming. The goal is to make the cloud as accessible to a single programmer as a single machine.

You’ve either read Hiding in Plain Sight by or you haven’t. It’s the only way to make sense of what we are living through.

Saturday notes - "Modes of production for consensus reality"

To be very practical & self-centered: how likely is it that outdoors will be unhealthy around here for at least the next two months? When planning to adapt to Covid, isn't it also now likely that the smoke will be a major factor for much of the fall? Is there another possibility?

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Serious question tweeps:

It is late August. Much of NorCal gets little to no rain until late October - two months.

We have many enormous fires, too many to fight and contain.

Is there a plausible story for how these fires -and their smoke - are doused before the rain comes?

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