Got to the first version of griddly - crowd collection of electric distribution grid - that I’m happy with. I think we can map the whole thing. Ping me if you’re interested.

If we get the immigrants here can also get the taco trucks or is that going to take some whole other reverse psychology thing?

With climate change, our fear isn't that we ~can't~ address the crisis but that we ~won't~.

If this is where so much of the despair and paralysis stems from, then shouldn't our most urgent task be to show ourselves that we will really try?

@bdunbar ah, super interesting connection. do you have any resources you could point me to that would help give a flavor of how that works?

@ntnsndr Very high adoption in some locations; most Barcelonans (?) have an account, iiuc

What would a maximally resilient, unflinchingly modern lifestyle look like? One in which all the basics were ensured, but which eschewed back-to-land nostalgia, anti-tech, and all of the other baggage?

What would a more enlightened and progressive version of the prepper culture and mindset look like? I.e., taking responsibility for your own safety AND extending the circle of wellbeing to others? Community resilience and recovery, not just individual survival.

TIL: John Markoff is writing a biography of Stewart Brand.

Cities are the future: they hold an increasing percentage of the global population, they offer more opportunity and higher quality of life, and they enable much lower environmental footprint per capita.

But city dwellers are much more dependent on supply chains and infrastructure for basic "life support". As the world becomes more unsettled and climate disruption increases, will those systems adapt in time?

What's the quote that's something like "the mark of good government is the extent to which citizens can be ignorant of how it works"?

Unpopular opinion, climate change edition: Whatever else it may be - scary, overwhelming, ineffable - climate change is an unimaginably fascinating intellectual and practical challenge. We are faced with the requirement for rapid, simultaneous transformation of every layer of our civilization. There are so many fascinating aspects of this to work on, so many worthy challenges to take on, so much for us to _do_.

@ntnsndr Gotcha. Where does consul fit here? Under Consensus?


What about a supply-following load source? Seems cheaper and easier in the age of IoT.


Inspired this morning by Stewart Brand.

"He has an appetite for where things are happening; lots of other people have good instincts, like journalists, for what will be interesting. Stewart's take on the world is to do things. He will take an idea, say within a few minutes that this could be turned into action, and then pursue it until it happens."


Tired: nuclear vs. renewables battles by folks blinkered by their priors when we need so much decarbonization very quickly that we’ll need strategic focus but also try mostly everything & if you don’t get this you’re not in the game.

Wired: there is no wired I’m just tired



One of my absolute favorite things about the "AR Cloud / Mirror World / Metaverse / Magicverse" is the diagrams. Here's a example but everyones making them, similar to what the military has been doing for 20+(?) years trying to wrap their head around the same problem



can we build one of those insane neon chinese supercities in america. just put it in nebraska or something we got room. it can be a 'ghost city' at first that's fine, rent will be cheap. we're the richest country can we get some bad ass new cities already


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