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the basic problem with both programmers and economists is not simply that their models are wrong or unfair (although they often are)

instead, it's that they have /power/ to force people to conform to those models



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The trailer for @AlienAnthology, 6 shorts in honor of dropped today. I was honored to work on NIGHT SHIFT last October, and am so proud of how it turned out. So many thanks to 20th Century Fox & @aidanbrezonick for the opportunity, and @MakeupBunnie for assisting me!


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Whenever I speak with anyone new to a medium and insecure about their work, I think about this passage from David Byrne's "How Music Works," about how capitalism devalues amateur expression to encourage consumption.


The fixation on "making a dent in the universe" leads to an extreme attachment to outcome and the elevation of self will, which is a recipe for unhappiness and unhealthiness.

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Oof. That posthuman/alienated/DeepDream aesthetic has been building pressure for a while. Usually aggressive, acid-washed. But this video expresses it gently, with careful thought.


Starting to think our socioeconomy of specialization is going to hinder our progress on climate solutions.


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Non-fungible tokens are a big deal because most desirable physical things are already “digital goods”

Their perceived scarcity is derived from their limited quantity in the real world, an inefficient “proof of work”

But their status + value is ascribed digitally on social media


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A must-read piece on the recent plane crashes. And I bet subscribing to ⁦@jonostrower⁩ and ⁦@theaircurrent⁩ is going to be a pretty damn good use of funds for the next little while.


I’m not saying I’ve got a better idea at the moment, but it is so. weird. for this to be a job at a company. Such a cross-cutting project.

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We're looking for someone to help us make Scala a first-class-citizen for notebooks:


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a good day to remember that there are black and brown parents who are sitting in prison today because they listed a relative’s address as their own for the chance of their child receiving an adequate public school education


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Sneak peek of my next project! This one is about leveraging VR's control over space to help express thoughts. It's a tool designed to fit into conversations and give people a way to visually/spatially communicate ideas fast. Lots more to come!


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In my opinion, this is the deepest insight I know about biology outside of Darwin's work. We really need a computational complexity centered theory of biology and, above all, of neuroscience.


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Model proof that partial geoengineering can do the most good with the least harm.

Regions are not differentially effected while the whole improves dramatically.

As ever, all it does is buy time to zero out greenhouse gasses properly and permanently.


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🎉🎉🎉YOU MADE IT! 🎉🎉🎉
Today the sun set at 7.12pm, and a summer of gloriously long evenings full of sunlight awaits you. You made it through the dark days of winter, and I'm so proud of you. Enjoy the summer, and I'll be here when you need me again.


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When we’re kids, we don't realize we’re also watching our parents grow up.


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The most interesting part of @AOC’s interview at is she firmly endorses automation — treating it as a chance to eliminate jobs that are drudgery and sever survival from wage-earning. Automation is a chance to draft a new social contract that doesn’t link dignity to labor.


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