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"It insists that capitalism and technology are the problem, when practically, after the sloganeering and rhetorical flourishes are done, what most environmentalists, including radical greens, are basically demanding is capitalism with carbon regulations and lots of windmills."

"The result is a radicalism that attacks the technofix while simultaneously demanding 100% renewable energy and rejects technocracy while demanding technocratic solutions of unprecedented speed and scale."

"The exigencies of large-scale technocratic action to rapidly build the infrastructure of a low carbon economy cannot be easily reconciled with the communitarian, small-is-beautiful, localism that has defined contemporary environmental thought"

Beef rules:

1. Eat much less beef.

2. Waste none of it.

3. Source it from soil-building grasslands.


Beef is confusing. Most environmentalists say we should avoid it, while others say it might be the key to rebuilding soil health and addressing climate change.

Who do we believe? And what should we eat?

It turns out some simple "Beef Rules" might help.



Not mentioned here, but the Google AI Challenge grantee that I was most impressed by in my interviewing - Gringgo - is going after this exact problem, by making trash collection more efficient and profitable for the independent collectors who provide most service in Indonesia.


These eight countries are responsible for 63.6% of ocean trash:

Sri Lanka

Here's how we can help them via


“Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for concern over his reaction — and the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials, as he did in 2017”


In response to similar moves by Russia in the U.S., the DoD is escalating intrusion into the Russian power grid, inserting code for surveillance and attack, if necessary.

The Pentagon hasn’t been telling Trump because they think he’ll tell Russia.



“Hundreds of Indian villages have been evacuated as a historic drought forces families to abandon their homes in search of water. Less than 250 miles from Mumbai, up to 90% of the area’s population has fled, leaving the sick and elderly to fend for themselves”

❤️ “decarbonization of political systems”

RT The real focus is the decarbonization of political systems, without which the decarbonization of the economy will get endlessly sandbagged by the forces of predatory delay until catastrophe becomes inevitable.


Draft: What HBO's Chernobyl has to do with the climate crisis, and why is recapitulating the sins she lays at the creators' feet.

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Gonna reward myself for the first newsletter issue with...a little Beat Saber []-)

This means you collect as soon as I drop the ball, but I need to wait 551 weeks. Imagine what could happen between now and then...

I will take a single $1000 bet, first come first serve, that I will

- publish an issue of the All Hands newsletter
- in some appropriate broadcast medium
- >= 52 times per year
- with no more than 14 days between issues
- between now and Jan 1, 2030

Here's 1/551, RTs 🙏🏻


A journey of a thousand miles, etc. The first of 551 issues of the All Hands newsletter is out!

All Hands :: 1/551


What is the case for any candidate over I see only two:

- I disagree with the substance of her policies.
- I am a misogynist.

Don't give me electability; that's hooey. Any others?

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