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Here's a paradox:

If I don't constantly assume the worst about myself - if I start from the belief that I'm a good but imperfect person doing my best; someone whose needs and impulses are not simply wrong - then it is much easier to take responsibility when I do act badly.

New post: Why build this blog - or anything - on IPFS?

What's wrong with the goold old internet technologies we're used to? And how does IPFS address their shortcomings?

Twitter is to Mastodon as Slack is to ... what?

Looking for local culture and autonomy AND global interoperability, but with a structured and partitioned chat model.

What is the best writing on the fundamental political qualities of software?


1. How do (possibly implicit) political beliefs and biases drive architecture / design?
2. How can architecture and design choices be harnessed in the service of political and societal goals?

So much about America, and the world, in this tweet.

RT Thank you, unfortunately our timing was forced by the looming end of COBRA health care and belief that ACA plans will disappear the instant this admin is able to do so. I returned to Big Tech. Still working on Drawdown on own time.


Over-specialization is going to get us all killed. Jargon makes things feel settled, and it gives the impression that the situations it describes are static. We can't afford this illusion any more.

Let me know if you'd be willing to test it out, and I'll send you the link to the Shortcut.

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This was unexpected for me - a couple hours of development time using iOS Shortcuts and teeny bit of backend. Result: capture container IDs and locations with very little effort. All of a sudden my iPhone seems like a real computer.

dumb question: I'm creating a yaml config file syntax. What is the best practice for documenting the required / allowed values? I can use JSON schemas to validate, but how do I communicate the range of options to a human?

In the last 24 hours, I've been blown away by Shortcuts on iOS. I have prototyped a pretty sophisticated data collection app, and I doubt it will be the last thing I make with it. Really exciting and impressive.

Just signed up for on! Check it out!

surveillance capitalism : consumer behavior :: sousveillance capitalism : enterprise behavior ??

Pretty solid summary of my priorities tbh

RT Twitter version: I don't think we have time to get folks on board, and then proceed. I do think that the cloud offers some ways to build first, and basically create new facts. Demos >>> meetings, etc. But gotta take the kids to the aquarium, so more later.


Thinking about software for civilization.

🎄 🧵 💯


in certainly circles there are sneering discussions of rootlessness as if it’s a deficiency brought on by consumption choices

this time of year i feel my rootlessness pretty acutely

many arrive at rootlessness by choice, but that’s not how things came to be for me


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