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Posit: In software & computing,

- Ontology (what is) has been overindexed, and rightly now becoming less so
- Epistemology (what we know and how) has been underemphasized, now catching up
- Axiology (what matters) is just getting onto the field, and needs lots more attention

"We know that climate change is coming, and we're too stupid, greedy, or short-sighted to act."


Rather: We must not know what the impacts of a changing climate will be - or we would act. This raises the q's: Who is "we"? What does it mean here to "know", and how can we?

Don't worry, everyone. By all indications, the puppy is very well hydrated.

“to work on planet-wide problems, we must become planetary thinkers. We must learn how to be humans aware of our natures, our Earthly context and the systems which make up the planet of which we are a part.”


I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what it means to think at a planetary scale.

This 2011 piece was my best attempt at articulating what planetary thinking could be.


First pedicure of the lockdown. Surprised it took this long tbh.

As a first step, hop into our discord server. We won't bite, and there's lots of little ways to help. 🏥

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We're launching WeCU - an effort to collect, aggregate, track, and report on hospital bed availability - with the goal of reaching every U.S. hospital, every day.

Looking for a way to contribute on ? We need your help! Days matter.

If these people stay in charge, it will mean 10s of thousands more deaths than would otherwise occur based on actions still to be taken, or (likely) not.

I was avoiding outrage up until now because it doesn’t help me, but this one is just staggering.

I’m amazed at how well the 4yo and 7yo concentrate on zoom with their classes. Nothing like adults zoning out in meetings. Rapt.



So I made a PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) over the past week in my spare time during self isolation. It was mainly to see if I could do it and ended up learning some cool new skills!

Here's a thread of the steps in designing & building this thing, with pics! (1/11)


Epidemiologists and virologists can't tell society how to respond to

Climate scientists can't tell society how to respond to the climate crisis.

Both of these impact everyone, there are many tradeoffs to navigate, and we all have a voice and a part to play.

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to take care of each other?

4yo: "Hey, what should we do today? Just be stuck in the house?"

Useful thought experiment: Imagine if everyone knew their status (uninfected / infected / recovered) on a one-week interval. How could appropriate transmission precautions be maintained, in the long term, in this information environment? Not just universal shelter in place.

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On time scales beyond a few weeks - and certainly the time frame considered by the Imperial study - the feedbacks dominate (in either direction). We will find 1000 ways large and small to adapt to the new reality. My only prediction is that things will change, a lot.


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