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Earnest-sounding voice actors making a g.d. killing right now

Early contender for understatement of the decade.


"We need to rework our cost-benefit analysis when it comes to producing in China" tells webinar


Day 42: Hey, we have a Dremel!!! And so many bits! What are they all good for? Let’s find out!



Number of people facing acute hunger could nearly double to 265 million due to pandemic, UN World Food Programme warns


Posit: In software & computing,

- Ontology (what is) has been overindexed, and rightly now becoming less so
- Epistemology (what we know and how) has been underemphasized, now catching up
- Axiology (what matters) is just getting onto the field, and needs lots more attention

"We know that climate change is coming, and we're too stupid, greedy, or short-sighted to act."


Rather: We must not know what the impacts of a changing climate will be - or we would act. This raises the q's: Who is "we"? What does it mean here to "know", and how can we?

Don't worry, everyone. By all indications, the puppy is very well hydrated.

“to work on planet-wide problems, we must become planetary thinkers. We must learn how to be humans aware of our natures, our Earthly context and the systems which make up the planet of which we are a part.”


I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what it means to think at a planetary scale.

This 2011 piece was my best attempt at articulating what planetary thinking could be.


First pedicure of the lockdown. Surprised it took this long tbh.

As a first step, hop into our discord server. We won't bite, and there's lots of little ways to help. 🏥

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We're launching WeCU - an effort to collect, aggregate, track, and report on hospital bed availability - with the goal of reaching every U.S. hospital, every day.

Looking for a way to contribute on ? We need your help! Days matter.

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