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Parenting small kids during Covid + smoke from wildfires is very much a "whatever gets you through the day" kind of deal.

So many things I can handle now, such as making back of envelope guesses about AQI several hours in the future. Prevailing winds, location of fires, natural barriers, etc.


When the masses pick up a new layer of skills, everything above that on the stack gets unstable. In our household, we've done so many things we never did before, that are now permanent skills. And our instrumentation has evolved to match. Like, we own a pulse oximeter now.


Super super cool. We need more of this.


I made a Siri shortcut that lets you say "Siri, what's overhead", and she tells you what the nearest (uncensored) aircraft is, wherever you are, and who it's registered to. A friend says it's like having a superpower.


Can't believe I've been using terraform this long without really going deep on modules. Maybe they're better now than in 0.11 and before? Otherwise I'm just a dumb-dumb.

Controversial Sunday morning opinion:

1. boy cats > girl cats
2. girl dogs > boy dogs

What are the most important and consequential information asymmetries in the modern era? Which person or group has the knowledge, what do they know, and what advantage does it give?

I think we’ve all done a good job not overusing “2020 hindsight”. That could have gotten ugly.

Saturday morning musings on the role of information asymmetries in maintaining civilizational power inequities, and how breaching those imbalances leads to a fundamental redistribution of wealth and power.

The chasm between the daily chaff of consumer culture and the rapidly unfolding-in-plain-sight authoritarian power grab that may spell the end of America as we knew it is too much for me.

Finally, has written the book I’ve wanted for years.

This is pretty much my scenario planning frame, for the next year, including the effects on the pandemic for each outcome. In addition to all the other impacts, a Biden landslide will save several 100,000s of lives.

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RT and a bipartisan group of participants ran "wargames" playing out various electoral outcomes. "The results were pretty intense," he says, predicting "severe electoral contestation" in all outcomes except for a Biden landslide in November.


Kids always trying to rate their owie a P0. Little girl that is a P3 and it can go in the backlog with everything else.

Feels like‘s serverless tooling could use like 10x the budget it’s getting. So much awesomeness left unrealized.

It shouldn't have taken me an hour to figure out how to reference a cloudwatch log stream.

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Is there one frickin page with the arn formats for every AWS resource type?

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